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The main objective of Cultivate-Africa is to unlock a concerted multi-stakeholder partnership toward a sustained and effective response leading to averting potential adverse effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on food security and nutrition and food systems (production, distribution, trading and market access of agricultural commodities and services).



Cultivate-Africa is expected to add value by resulting in the following outcomes:


1. A set of innovative approaches for consolidating regional and in-country partnerships among stakeholders to play visible and effective roles in the fight against effects of the pandemic on agriculture and food systems in Africa.


2. A set of strategies established to be effective and successful which can be advocated to governments of Member States to prioritize in their contingency plans for responding to the pandemic.


3. An agreement on creation and operationalization of regional (REC-level) platforms for sharing action plans, reports, updates and relevant information on activities and developments across AU Member States, to provide continuous knowledge and experience sharing and garnering consensus on new solutions to emerging challenges.

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